API Specification Q2

Do you provide a service to clients in the Oil and Gas Industry? Do they expect your quality management system to conform to API Specification Q2? If so, our online course will help you develop the knowledge and understanding of everything you must do to fully conform to the specification and pass an audit.

This course is a must have for anyone in the organization who is involved in the quality assurance process.  The affordable online, anywhere, anytime approach makes it possible for everyone to get the training they need.

The Q2 online course consists of 24 topical lessons produced by an award winning television producer and taught by the world’s leading experts in API Specifications and quality management systems for the Oil and Gas industry.  The course takes a practical, case study approach to enable you to understand not just what the specification says, but how it applies in the real world.  “Auditor on location” lessons give you real examples of common audit findings so you can correct weaknesses before the audit occurs.  The case study takes you through a simulated implementation of a quality management system.

Quizzes with immediate feedback follow each lesson so you can check your understanding and reinforce what you’ve just learned.

Module 1: Introduction and Overview of API Specification Q1 9th Edition (70 minutes)

This module is composed of 5 lessons and 4 quizzes. You will meet the instructors who are among the world’s leading experts in API Specifications and quality management systems for the oil and gas industry. An brief history of the American Petroleum Institute and the Specification is provided, as well as some of the terms and concepts that are pervasive to the Specification. Finally, there is a lesson on the evolution of the total quality philosophy that is fundamental to todays quality management systems requirements.

Module 2: Quality Management Systems ( 80 minutes)

This module contains 6 lessons and 2 quizzes. It begins with a case study of a simulated implementation of a quality management system. The quality management system requirements specified in Q1 are covered in 3 topical lessons. There are 2 additional lessons of an internal auditor on location discussing common QMS related audit findings.

Module 3: Product Realization ( 80 minutes)

This module contains 7 lessons and 4 quizzes covering the parts of the Specification related to Product Realization, except the topics related to risk assessment which are covered in a separate module. The product realization lifecycle begins with determining product requirements and continues through design and development through purchasing, production and finally inspection and testing. As in the previous module auditor on location lessons provide real world examples of common audit findings.

Module 4: Risk Assessment ( 90 minutes)

This module contains 5 lessons, 5 quizzes and an exercise. It begins with an overview of the risk assessment process. It then covers all the requirements for risk assessment, contingency planning and management of change in the Specification. There is risk assessment case study and then you will have the opportunity to go through a risk assessment exercise to test your understanding of concepts and requirements.

Module 5: Annex ( 20 minutes)

This module consists of a document that covers the Annex to the Specification which principally covers the API Monogram Program. The annex also includes a cross reference from the 8th to the 9th Edition of the Specification.

Module 6: Final Exam ( 30 minutes)

The final exam contains 25 questions. A passing score of >70% is required.  You will receive a certificate from TIEC when you complete the course and pass the final exam. You have access to all of the quizzes and lessons for review prior to attempting the final exam.

TIEC estimates about 7 to 8 hours to complete the course. It can be completed in multiple sittings or in one sitting. You are encourage to move at your own pace, learn in small bites and review the video lessons again if you do not do well on the quizzes.

The online final exam is accessible instantly after the participant has completed all modules. The assessment is a multiple choice questions. The participant must attain a score of 70% or above to pass and they will have two attempts to pass. If the participant fails both attempts they will not receive a certificate of completion.

You may refer to the materials in the course as you take the exam. If you are unsure of your answer refer to the applicable lesson and watch it again.

You will receive a certificate from TIEC when you successfully complete the course and pass the final exam.

You or your company must purchase access to the online course from TIEC Online Academy. Once payment is made, an email will be sent with a link to the Learning Management System, along with a personal username and password.

The course price is $500 including tax for one individual. There are significant discounts for companies with multiple employees who require the course. If you are interested in corporate licensing please contact us directly here.