API Specification Q2 Risk, Contingency Planning and Management of Change

API Specification Q2 Risk

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The API Specification Q2 was developed, following the Macondo Deepwater incident, for service supply organizations in the petroleum and natural gas industry. The specification emphasizes a risk-based approach to assessing and controlling the risk of non-productive time. This online course focuses on the risk and risk assessment related sections of the Specification. The course consists of nine topical lessons, quizzes, an exercise and a final exam.

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The expert instructors of Texas International Engineering Consultants (TIEC) have decades of experience helping firms develop and maintain world-class quality management systems in conformance with API specifications


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TIEC provides technical consulting to various industries to assist companies in complying with industry, quality, and regulatory requirements (safety & environmental). Companies are often required by their customers to have a management system that is compliant to international, national, or industry standards.


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TIEC, provides assistance in the development, implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems in compliance with industry standards (API, ISO, ASME, AS, QS) leading to system certification and/or product licensing. TIEC has extensive international experience working with large & small manufacturing and service companies worldwide. We utilize this multi-cultural experience to assist our clients in promoting their products & services in today's global market.