Online Academy Course Introduction

The overview discusses about how the courses were developed through decades...

5 minutes

In the overview, the quality expert instructors present their backgrounds and provide information on how the courses are constructed.  The lessons are short, engaging and inter-active. A short quiz follows each of the lesson in the course. The quizzes are there to test the understanding of the learner.  Another feature of the course is that it uses real-world examples. Understanding the context and practical applications allow you to not just be exposed to information, but truly absorb the concepts and ensure you can demonstrate and meets the requirements of the standards.

Our online courses will help you attain your training needs objectives efficiently and effectively possible.

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Customer Focus

Lessons in 10 to 15 minute segments. Real-world examples

The Instructors

The expert instructors of Texas International Engineering Consultants (TIEC) have decades of experience helping firms develop and maintain world-class quality management systems in conformance with API specifications


Keeping you in compliance with industry standards


Watch, listen, and learn. Courses runs whether you are using a computer, tablet or mobile device


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Other Services

TIEC provides technical consulting to various industries to assist companies in complying with industry, quality, and regulatory requirements (safety & environmental). Companies are often required by their customers to have a management system that is compliant to international, national, or industry standards.


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TIEC, provides assistance in the development, implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems in compliance with industry standards (API, ISO, ASME, AS, QS) leading to system certification and/or product licensing. TIEC has extensive international experience working with large & small manufacturing and service companies worldwide. We utilize this multi-cultural experience to assist our clients in promoting their products & services in today's global market.