Please read about the Account Menu below to help you navigate the Learning Management System. This guide will help you login, start the  course, and print/view your certificate.

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account menu

My Profile
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accessing your course

Step 1 – login

Step 1

step 2 – go to my profile menu to start your course

Account Menu -> My Profile

If you can see the course in your My Profile just click on it and your on your way to start the course.
Step 2

You will be redirected to the course content and start by clicking on the course topic.

printing or viewing your certificate

1. If your not login, please login first.
2. Go to account menu->My Profile
3. Click on “Expand All”. See example image below where to locate the “Expand All’.
Print Certificate

You will see all your progress stats, scroll at the bottom and look for your final exam. Click on the Ribbon icon to view or print your certificate.