Please read about the Account Menu below to help you navigate the Learning Management System. This guide will help you from starting your course, completing your credentials, printing your certificate, and others.

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You can view your Dashboard, Orders, Addresses, Payment Methods, edit Account Details, and finally you can Logout. In this menu, you can also reset your password in case you forgot about it. Lastly, for new sign up, you can register for a free account.

edit account

You can fill in your name, last name, address, company name, etc. Also fix if the information you entered are incorrect. Common problems that are entered by users are: address, phone number, and even the email address. Make sure you type in your name correctly and email so we can send your order receipt and when you pass the final exam, your whole name will appear in the certificate.

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Your profile displays basic user information, enrolled courses, course progress, quiz performance, quiz answers, and any earned certificate/s. Click on “Expand All” to show your stats. You can also print your certificate when you pass the Final Exam by clicking on the ribbon icon. You can also click on the clipboard icon to show details of questions and answers.


If you click on logout in the menu, the system will ask you to confirm if you really want to logout.

still need help?

Call or email Alan Aldworth
Phone: 281-448-8432


You can access this page through support->account help in the menu above.